Rainy Forest Screensaver 1.0


Size:5.0 MB

Date Added:10 July, 2012



Rainy Forest Screensaver is a screensaver that shows different images of the forest with cartoonish animals. The screensaver includes five different static images of a forest with lots of cartoonish animated animals that move across the scenes. It also includes a ugly clock in one of the corners, which cannot be customized nor left aside. The images can be played in order, shuffled, or can be intelligently randomized, but unfortunately, you cannot select the transition time between them, nor select exactly the images you wish to display. It also allows you to select the flash size (fit your screen, original size or full screen), choose the flash quality (high, low, auto-high, auto-low), and select background color. What is more, the screensaver can be set to exit on a keyboard button press, mouse event, mouse button press, or when pressing the ESC key. As for the graphics, they are nice, but definitely nor impressive. I personally don't like certain animals that appear on the scenes, so I think it would also be great if you could customize that too. Sound effects are pleasant and help create the natural atmosphere intended. All in all, Rainy Forest Screensaver is a nice free screensaver which certainly doesn't have anything that you won't find in other similar applications, but some users may like the theme.

Systems: Windows

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